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Do you have the right skills to be effective in the changing role?

Are transitioning to the workplace learning professional role?

Are you transitioning from learning and development practitioner to manager?

Do you need help closing your skill gaps or transitioning to your new role?

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Make Learning Extraordinary?

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Workplace Learning Professional Coaching Program

Here’s how our role is changing…Are you ready?

The workplace learning professional’s role is shifting from primarily a classroom facilitator to a learning curator. With this shift, trainers are facing a number of challenges to continue to add value to learners within nonprofit organizations, government, and business.

Here are the top 10 challenges, according to Infinity Consulting & Training Solutions, that those who share knowledge and skills with others for the purpose of learning face…

  1. Lack of management buy-in

  2. Low participant engagement

  3. Training doesn’t transfer

  4. Not enough time

  5. Trainer’s skills are inadequate

  6. Lack of resources

  7. Poor communication

  8. No needs assessment

  9. Process gaps

  10. Lack of employee buy-in


  • Making Learning Extraordinary
    Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program

    What is the Extraordinary Learning Academy?

    The Extraordinary Learning Academy is a train-the-trainer program that gives you the skills to…

    • Significantly increase your performance as a trainer

    • Transition skills used in educational environments to those used in training environments

    • Make engaging connections with target audiences attending your learning events

    • Increase learner value by strategically targeting their learning needs to maximize performance

  • Only $599 (valued up to $2,300) for these topics…

    Foundations for Extraordinary Adult Learning (Online)

    Getting to Know Your Learners through Analysis

    The Blueprint for Learning with an Effective Design

    The Right Materials for Learning

    Dynamic Training Delivery

    Give Them What They Paid For

    The Recipe for Engagement: A Practical Approach to Blended Learning

    Learning & Development Trends



How is this train-the-trainer program different from others?

It’s designed by a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM), and Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Bronze Level Certified Consultant!

Participants, who successfully complete the program, are equipped with tools, tips, templates to optimize skill transfer and application in the real-world.

Engagement begins before attending the first learning event and continues after the program has ended.

There are no passengers in this program. Participants are the drivers of their learning experience based on their individual needs and preferences.

Can’t Beat the Value

Matches and, in most cases, exceeds results provided by way more expensive programs which range from $700 – $2,300.

Blended Learning Approach

This program uses a blended learning approach with is the best way to approach learning because it’s not centered around one training event, but ensures learning in formal and informal methods before, during, and after learning events. This approach gives the participants a true learning experience as opposed to a one-time event.