Customized Blended Learning Solutions

Solving Business Challenges

About Concerning Learning Solutions

Below is the list of courses and programs that we design, develop, and deliver to solve your business performance challenges and can be customized based on your needs. All of our solutions are designed for maximum interactivity and engagement. Our goal is to always make learning extraordinary!
If you don’t see a course listed, don’t worry. The list below is just the training that we have already designed, developed, and delivered. Our experts are certified instructional designers and can work with any subject matter expert to ensure that designed curriculum exceeds your expectations.
  • Leadership Training

    • Is Management for Me?
    • Coaching for Supervisors
    • 10 Essential Leadership Skills
    • Keeping the Good Ones: Employee Engagement for Leaders
    • Knowledge Management Basics
    • Here’s Where We’re Going: Strategic Planning for Results


    • Making Learning Extraordinary Bootcamp
    • Designing Actionable Learning Experiences
    • Maximizing Engagement & Interactivity
    • Delivering & Evaluating an Actionable Learning Experience
    • Demystifying Blended Learning

    Career & Professional Development

    • Keep Learning Even with Tight Budgets
    • Take Charge of Your Professional Development
    • Don’t Get Left Behind
    • Agile Learning and Problem Solving
    • Let’s Connect: Speed Networking
    • Energize Your Career
    • Business Partnering for Results
    • Don’t Get Left Behind

    Diversity & Inclusion

    • Stop Sexual Harassment Before It Starts
    • Using Generational Differences for Maximizing Results

    Mentoring & Coaching

    • The Power of Mentoring Partnerships
    • Speed Mentoring: Pairing Up
    • Starting on the Right Foot: Mentoring Program Orientation
    • Developing High-Power Mentoring Programs
    • Passport for Success Onboarding Program


    • Successfully Building High-Performing Teams
    • Building High-Performance Teams

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