The Right Blend

Four Simple Steps for Blended Learning

Do you have the right blend for your training? How do you define blended learning? Do you use the traditional view by combining eLearning with classroom learning? I challenge you to broaden your view of blended learning. Think about how much useful attending training would be if you conducted a learning activity to prepare for the the training, reflect on what you learned while in training, and take immediate action on what you learned with a follow-up activity. Just think of those learning activities were informal, experiential, and included a social and relationship-building component.

You would have an effective blended learning strategy. I just described my formula for an effective blended learning approach.

Check out the video below to listen to this short podcast as Amanda Smith, Association for Talent Development (ATD) L&D Community of Practice Manager asks me to share practical strategies for achieving effective blended learning.


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