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Client Testimonials

“Train the Trainer” was a phrase that an EEO Director I worked for years ago suggested was the best way to make sure that your team of professionals were offered the best chance at success.  Concerning Learning, and its owner Deadra Welcome, offer such a service for today’s progressive workforce.  She has designed an online – as well as face-to-face – instructional design that is not only technologically advanced, but also user friendly.  Developing and empowering those who manage the frontline of businesses, non-profits, or anyone wanting to brand or market themselves in today’s competitive economic environment would do well to entrust the services of Concerning Learning.  Guaranteed solutions for you now and in the future! 
Linda Smith, Realtor

The virtual coaching sessions with Deadra have helped me chart a path for my career that I am excited about! I probably wasn’t the easiest client to work with (distracted, busy and putting myself last on the list in terms of my development); but Deadra was patient and worked with me where I was in the process. She stressed the importance of making time for my development and not just being in the game but performing at the top of my game. I now have a detailed and measurable individual development plan that covers my short and long term goals for my career. Deadra has also connected me to people for informational interviews to get the information I need to prepare for my next career adventure. Deadra genuinely enjoys helping people and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
Mary C, Don’t Get Left Behind Virtual Coaching Client

The webinar was outstanding. Loved the ability to interact with the presenter and the participants. Deadra is a true professional, her knowledge of the training business is invaluable. Her webinar was designed to provide participants with a wealth of practical, cutting-edge tools and techniques that they can apply to their training immediately. I will definitely use what I learned to improve the training provided to my clients.
D. Marlene Thomas, President & CEO, Thomas Management Consulting (TMC), LLC

I attended a recent Association of Government Accountants (AGA) leadership training facilitated by Ms. Welcome. It was truly life-changing! I learned to be reflective, grow from my mistakes, and share lessons learned with others. I’m now more productive at work and home. Thanks Ms. Welcome!
Ebony M. Price, CGFM, AGA Member

I met Deadra for the first time in April 2016 at my first ATD dinner meeting and new member orientation. Deadra was very engaging the first time I met her. Even after connecting on LinkedIn, she assisted me several times with career advice and strategies. Her experience is stupendous, and she is very passionate about training and development. I recently invested in her book and can’t wait to receive it. Thank you!
Joan Smith, HR Professional/GovLoop Blogger